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Chauffeur Only

We can also offer the provision of ‘chauffeur only’, to drive your own vehicle.

Our drivers are all highly trained and experienced, mostly holding IAM and/or other advanced driving credentials. Whether your chosen car is a luxury saloon, or a large 4x4 vehicle, our drivers have the experience and the familiarity to drive you in your own choice of vehicle in safety and convenience.

If you are accustomed and familiar with any particular type of vehicle and this is one we cannot provide easily with a driver, we would be happy to transport our driver to you, so that you can relax and enjoy the journey leaving our staff to drive for you.*

This service is charged, with timings and pricing all agreed prior to booking commencement or on an hourly rate should you wish to be driven ‘by direction’ leaving your itinerary flexible for any changes where necessary.

If you already have a chauffeur who drives for you, we can provide a chauffeur to cover holiday, sickness leave or any other eventuality that may occur. Usually we can have a chauffeur on location with just a few hours notice.

Should you be in the unfortunate situation of receiving a driving disqualification our ‘chauffeur only’ service may be an answer to your problem, allowing you to carry on with your business commitments and social engagements. This may also be more cost effective than commuting by train and staying away overnight.

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*We require our chauffeur to be placed on your own vehicle insurance for the duration of the booking.